Hedberg Public Library seeks more volunteers to keep programs running – Gazettextra


Hedberg Public Library seeks more volunteers to keep programs runningGazettextraSo when she lost vision to macular degeneration and was not longer able to read or write, she was devastated. She had to stop driving eight years ago, quit reading the local newspaper two years ago and stopped using her computer …read more

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Labour peace at Belleville Public Library – www.insidebelleville.com/

Labour peace at Belleville Public Librarywww.insidebelleville.com/Belleville City Councillor Garnet Thompson, Chair of the Belleville Public Library Board, added, “I would like to congratulate the library board, management, and the CUPE members on their successful negotiations for our new collective agreement.

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It’s not too late to reclaim our online privacy

Online Privacy

How did we get here? Data has become currency: we barter it for services from operating systems to music players, while accepting promises of personalisation and assurances of security from those to whom we entrust it.
That trust is misplaced. Silicon Valley is built on data trading, and its …read more

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Even University Libraries Aren’t Keeping Hard Copy Books


Academic Libraries

In the face of these changes, academic librarians have no choice but to take action. Their challenge, though, is that there are simply too many print books and not enough on-campus space to store them.
The most obvious solution to too many books is “weeding,” the library profession’s term …read more

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