What’s new at AK Smiley Public Library: Check out selection of pet mysteries – Redlands Daily Facts

What’s new at AK Smiley Public Library: Check out selection of pet mysteriesRedlands Daily FactsMystery books form one part of the fiction genre and the mysteries themselves have many subdivisions. Pet mysteries have evolved from the traditional cozy mystery format and are growing in popularity. In these stories, dogs and …read more

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New Denver Public Library leader aims to build community connections – The Denver Post

New Denver Public Library leader aims to build community connectionsThe Denver PostThe Denver Public Library has elevated Michelle Jeske, a longtime employee who has helped lead efforts to refocus its mission beyond lending books, to be the new city librarian. On Monday, Jeske, 48, succeeded Shirley Amore, who retired last …read more

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Crestline Public Library will host ‘Insurgent’ party – Mansfield News Journal

Crestline Public Library will host ‘Insurgent’ partyMansfield News JournalCRESTLINE – The Crestline Public Library, 324 N. Thoman St., will host an “Insurgent” party on March 19 from 6 to 9 p.m. for ages 11 and older. “Insurgent” is the second part of the “Divergent” trilogy of books and movies. Party-goers …read more

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‘Gallipoli’ screening at the Bettendorf Public Library – Quad City Times

‘Gallipoli’ screening at the Bettendorf Public LibraryQuad City Times’Gallipoli’ screening at the Bettendorf Public Library: The film “Gallipoli” will be shown at 6 p.m., Wednesday, March 11, at the Bettendorf Public Library. St. Ambrose University History Professor Sandy McKinley will give a short introduction. A group …

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Ballot proposition to decide future of New Orleans Public Library system – WDSU New Orleans

WDSU New Orleans

Ballot proposition to decide future of New Orleans Public Library systemWDSU New OrleansIn addition to the library closures, a 35 percent decrease in hours of operation and a “significant decrease” in collection, programs and technology could result if the NOPL does not receive additional funding. Library officials added …read more

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