Die neue Waffe gegen Bakterien – Heise Newsticker

Heise NewstickerDie neue Waffe gegen BakterienHeise NewstickerUnd obwohl das schon eine überraschende Nachricht ist, dürfte die Art der Therapie noch weit überraschender sein, wie im aktuellen Septemberheft der Zeitschrift Technology Review (jetzt am Kiosk und im heise shop erhältlich) zu lesen ist. Denn im Kampf … …read more

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PlayStation Now to open PS3 game library for PC gamers – Inquirer.net

Inquirer.netPlayStation Now to open PS3 game library for PC gamersInquirer.netThis will open up the vast PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming library to PC gamers who do not own a PS3 console. The service was previously focused on streaming PS3 content to the PS4 which was unable to play last-gen games. Once …read more

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On Choosing Technologies That We Know Will Diminish Quality – Inside Higher Ed (blog)

On Choosing Technologies That We Know Will Diminish QualityInside Higher Ed (blog)The reason that I run with the iPhone is that I don’t need another device – and I don’t need to buy and manage a music library. I’m choosing an inferior technology for convenience. Okay…what are the corresponding educational …read more

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Caldwell Library arts events provide crafty getaway for adults – Hickory Daily Record

Hickory Daily RecordCaldwell Library arts events provide crafty getaway for adultsHickory Daily Record… reference librarian for the Caldwell County Library, Lenoir branch, adding that as a newcomer to the library staff she wanted to start new adult programs. “On my agenda was to start back up with adult programming both …read more

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Cafe and other changes planned at Eastern Monroe Public Library – Pocono Record

Pocono RecordCafe and other changes planned at Eastern Monroe Public LibraryPocono RecordThe Eastern Monroe Public Library is planning to restructure its design and services in an attempt to accommodate its patrons’ wish-lists. The library is working with East Stroudsburg-based architect firm Schoonover & Vanderhoof to design a new cafe … …read more

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