Upcoming Warsaw public library events – The Daily News Online

Upcoming Warsaw public library eventsThe Daily News OnlineWARSAW — If you’re in debt to the Warsaw Public Library, they’re willing to give you a “get out of jail free” pass. This Saturday, Feb. 13, is food for fines day. If you owe the library late fees, bringing in non-perishable food …read more

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Gadsden Public Library opens series of Black History Month programs – Gadsden Times

Gadsden Public Library opens series of Black History Month programsGadsden TimesChari Bostick shows some of the headstones July 1, 2015, that have been cleaned up and set back on their pedestals at the Sixth Street Cemetery in Gadsden. Bostick and Anthony Treadwell will speak at 5 p.m. Tuesday at the …read more

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Calgary police drug blitz targets downtown library dealers – Calgary Herald

Calgary HeraldCalgary police drug blitz targets downtown library dealersCalgary HeraldCalgary cops have thrown the book at alleged members of a drug trafficking ring, accused of plying their trade outside the main downtown library branch and other public spots in the core. Police have charged 29 people with 128 charges after …read more

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libraries function as vibrant centers of America’s towns: technology, education, and community

Topic: LibrariesThe traditional impression of libraries as places for quiet reading, research, and borrowing books—and of librarians as schoolmarmish shush-ers—is outdated, as they have metamorphosed into bustling civic centers. For instance, Deschutes Public Library in Bend, Oregon, now cooperates with dozens of organizations, from AARP (which helps people with their …read more

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