Florida Public Library to host Holocaust Remembrance on May 3 – The Warwick Advertiser

The Warwick AdvertiserFlorida Public Library to host Holocaust Remembrance on May 3The Warwick AdvertiserFLORIDA — The Florida Public Library welcomes back storyteller Muriel Horowitz to commemorate Yom HaShoa, Holocaust Remembrance Day, on Wednesday, May 3, at 6:30 p.m.. Out of the terrible tragedy of the Shoa, the Holocaust, men and …read more

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At local libraries, books line shelves but digital drives future – WDAY

WDAYAt local libraries, books line shelves but digital drives futureWDAYThe kinds of questions are different just based on the technology and the more technology expands and the more kinds of devices there are, the more we have to broaden our knowledge, too,” said April Ide, the West Fargo Public Library …read more

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Public library seeks donations – Eagle-Tribune

Eagle-TribunePublic library seeks donationsEagle-TribuneYou can help out your local library with a donation of books you no longer need. The Friends of the Haverhill Public Library will hold their next book sale May 2 through May 6 and are still accepting donations. Books may be dropped off in the library’s …read more

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Oskaloosa Public Library garden gets some TLC – Oskaloosa Herald

Oskaloosa HeraldOskaloosa Public Library garden gets some TLCOskaloosa HeraldMore than a dozen members of the Oskaloosa High School Key Club and the Friends of the Oskaloosa Public Library joined forces on Earth Day to clean up and plant some plants at the Oskaloosa Public Library Reading Garden. Plants were donated …read more

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A Massive New Library of 3-D Images Could Help Your Robot Butler Get Around … – MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology ReviewA Massive New Library of 3-D Images Could Help Your Robot Butler Get Around …MIT Technology Review… professor at Stanford University, believes researchers will apply deep learning—the same machine-learning technique used on ImageNet—to train computers to better understand 3-D scenes (see “10 Breakthrough Technologies 2013: Deep Learning”). …read more

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