Losing school librarians in Chicago Public Schools – WBEZ

Losing school librarians in Chicago Public SchoolsWBEZHaving a school library with a full-time librarian is becoming something of a luxury in Chicago’s 600-plus public schools. Two years ago, Chicago Public School budgeted for 454 librarians. Last year: 313 librarians. This year? 254. Those are the …and more

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Geekfest 2014 at the Peoria Public Library – MyFox Phoenix

Geekfest 2014 at the Peoria Public LibraryMyFox PhoenixIt’s called Geekfest 2014; the goal is to encourage students to embrace science. To help get the message out, the nationally recognized, award-winning Falcon Robotics Team from Carl Hayden High School. It’s called Geekfest 2014; the goal is to …

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Weird girls and instant bestsellers – Idaho Mountain Express and Guide

Weird girls and instant bestsellersIdaho Mountain Express and GuideA book snob Curtis Sittenfeld is not. Despite her first book, “Prep,” placing in The New York Times’ top 5 works of fiction for 2005, the author says she doesn’t regret any of the “trashy” books she read when she was young. …read more

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Chilhowie Town Council hires firm to remove bats from old school, library – TriCities.com

Chilhowie Town Council hires firm to remove bats from old school, libraryTriCities.comBats have been regular visitors to the old high school in Chilhowie for many years, even when school was still being held in the building, but now that someone has been bitten greater efforts to remove them permanently are …read more

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AT YOUR LIBRARY: York Public Library- 2013-2014 – Seacoastonline.com

AT YOUR LIBRARY: York Public Library- 2013-2014Seacoastonline.comI would like to take a moment, on behalf of everyone at the York Public Library, to thank our patrons, friends and town for the support that enabled us to provide exceptional library service to our community in 2013/14. More of you than ever …read more

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