Celebrating Tolkien Reading Day with the Grand Rapids Public Library – WZZM13.com

WZZM13.comCelebrating Tolkien Reading Day with the Grand Rapids Public LibraryWZZM13.comGRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – Reading books can take you to another place, and J.R.R.Tolkien is one of the most famous authors of fantasy writing of the past 150 years. Tolkien’s novels have been adapted numerous times. Those adaptations include the “The …read more

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Heritage: Former library served Salem for decades – Statesman Journal

Statesman JournalHeritage: Former library served Salem for decadesStatesman JournalThe library’s new shelves and solid oak tables and chairs arrived in mid-October, about the time the Masonic library consolidated its books with the public library. The building was praised in the Oregon Statesman’s New Year’s Day 1913 edition: “The …und weitere …read more

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Annual Student Art Show at the Blue Hill Public Library – Bangor Daily News

Annual Student Art Show at the Blue Hill Public LibraryBangor Daily NewsThe Blue Hill Public Library will be hosting the annual Student Art Show during the month of April. Students from the Blue Hill Peninsula have been invited to share their talent and creativity–expressed in watercolors, pen and ink, ceramics, …read more

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Groton Public Library to host family bluebird event – Norwich Bulletin

Groton Public Library to host family bluebird eventNorwich BulletinThe Groton Public Library, 52 Newtown Road, will host an eastern bluebird program at 10 a.m. April 8. Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center’s Laura Craver-Rogers will discuss southeastern Connecticut native birds with a slideshow presentation. Children … …read more

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Modern public library prepared for East Jakarta – Jakarta Post

Jakarta PostModern public library prepared for East JakartaJakarta PostEast Jakarta will soon have a modern public library with air-conditioned reading rooms, comfortable chairs and tables, sofas and pleasant outdoor scenery. East Jakarta Library and Archives Agency head Fadlan Zurhan said the municipality had renovated a … …read more

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