What is a Killer Imam Doing in Public Libraries in Canada? – Gatestone Institute

Gatestone InstituteWhat is a Killer Imam Doing in Public Libraries in Canada?Gatestone InstituteIn public libraries across Canada (and elsewhere), the books of Imam al-Ghazali are available, along with others that incite hatred, violence and terror, by authors such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Imam Nawawi. There is not a single Arabic …read more

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Free Tech Workshop: Intro to Cloud Technology – Pique Newsmagazine

Free Tech Workshop: Intro to Cloud TechnologyPique NewsmagazineMany new devices are connected to “the cloud” — but what does this mean? This class will introduce you to this new technology, why we’re using it, and how it can be useful to you. We’ll also cover some common ways of accessing …read more

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MorphoSys’s Subsidiary Lanthio Pharma Initiates First-in-Human Clinical Study … – Yahoo Finance

MorphoSys’s Subsidiary Lanthio Pharma Initiates First-in-Human Clinical Study …Yahoo FinanceMorphoSys developed HuCAL, the most successful antibody library technology in the pharmaceutical industry. By successfully applying this and other patented technologies, MorphoSys has become a leader in the field of therapeutic antibodies, one of the …und weitere …read more

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Plainville Public Library offering new programs – Bristol Press

Bristol PressPlainville Public Library offering new programsBristol PressAdult coloring will be held as a drop-in program at 6 p.m. March 16, April 20, May 4 and June 8 in the Peter F. Chase Auditorium with refreshments provided by the Friends of the Plainville Public Library. Colored pencils, markers and coloring …read more

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Medway Public Library announces events – Wicked Local Medway – Wicked Local Medway

Medway Public Library announces events – Wicked Local MedwayWicked Local MedwayMEDWAY — The following events will take place at Medway Public Library, 26 High St. For information and to register for events and programs, visit …und weitere …read more

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